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by admin / Jun 7, 2020 How Much House, Can You AFFORD?

If you want to enjoy the happiest experience from your home, doesn’t that mean, avoiding unnecessary stress and tension / hassles, from buying, a place, beyond your comfortable financial possibilities? For me, after 15 years, as a licensed real estate seller in New York State, I think the happiest home buyer, is always the home that buys AFFORD, get more of his requirements and requirements / personal preferences etc.! How many homes can you buy? This question must be seriously considered before buying, what is more we have, our greatest financial asset. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to use the approach, consider what it means and what it stands for, examine it, review it, discuss it, and why it matters.

I. ownership; Care; Assumptions: Start the exact process of how much you need comfortably, by carefully reviewing and identifying all of your existing assets, and preserving your overlapping eggs! With this in mind, one has to pay attention to his needs, other than – the needs / expenses of the house, and what he can really afford! It is important to align the personal comfort zone with one’s actual needs, in order to be well thought out and focused to align his perceptions!

2. Finance: Look closely at your overall financial picture, now and in the future. Anyone can, to the fullest extent, enjoy their home, even / unless they examine their finances, knowing intentionally, at the present time, within the limits of their capabilities, and perhaps, what are their future capabilities?

3. The future: What is the purpose of buying a home? Do you think about it, as a start – at home, or a long-term solution for you, your needs, needs and your desires? Depending on this, and what the future may hold, your decisions and actions may vary!

4. Options; Organizer events: What are your options in terms of financial strength, personal comfort zone, region / region / neighborhood, work, security, etc.? It is a typical house, often, for any occasion, because it is bones, area, region, neighborhood, land size, security, school / educational system, etc? Your search will be better, more effective / focused, if / upon follow-up, in an organized manner!

5. Revenue; Actual [General] reasons for the region: Is a single family home better for you, or will it be better, and feel more comfortable living and living in a multi-family residence? If so, what is the source of the potential revenue? Is your point of view realistic, and your personal interests are your best reasons? Is there any flexibility in terms of space, etc.?

6. Deeply. Find out: Beyond the surface, deeply, in your best interest, etc., so you can find your best path!

If you know, and you’re comfortable, knowing what you can really do, AFFORD, will work for you. Are you ready to move forward wisely?


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